Never ending projects

We have so many ongoing projects at the AKM and no staff to carry them out. We have a roster of extremely talented contractors who come in for installations and de-installations But sadly none of them is permanent. We try to string bite-size projects into every contract. This particular project is making storage mounts for the education department. 

A photograph is worth a thousand words

Today I am working with out photographer.  Photography falls under my domain and I have to say that this day has been a treat!

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What is Collections Management?

Collections management doesn't sounds like a nebulous concept, but ask a group of museum professionals for a definition and you soon realise it isn't as clear as it seems.

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Information Infrastructure

Many museums and cultural institutions have moved into the "digital age" in the name of progress but in many cases it was in name only. 

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Departmental Reorganisation

After years under consideration, we have finally re-organized the Registration Department. It took the loss of 1/3 the staff, but we are there. 

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Teaching vs Experience

An upcoming conference at the University of Toronto's Museum Studies programme: Taking Stock: Museum Studies and Museum Practices in Canada makes me think about the nature of teaching versus actually working in the museum field.

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Hidden Exhibition Secrets Revealed

There is an incredible amount of work that happens behind-the-scenes in preparing for every exhibition. Some of that work is ultimately obvious to the visitors such as the design, mounts, graphics and labels but a lot of the work is largely invisible.

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