Today I am inspired to write a blog about why I don't write blogs. The truth is, I am awaiting some sort of divine inspiration.  The result is I don't write anything. One of my colleagues suggested that I just write about what I am working on at the moment. That seems reasonable and is bound to inspire some in-depth postings about some meaty topics. I suppose as this repository is built, the infrastructure will emerge in terms of how the entire blog hangs together as a whole rather than disparate parts based on the erratic work schedule I am forced to keep as a result of staffing shortages and general over-burdening of the limited resources.

I imagine that this will start out as a series if rants or complaints if I base it on my daily activities. I can spin positivity into that by determining where the short-comings are and how consistently they come up. One if my colleagues suggested that I build in time at the end of every project for a "post Mortem". I like the idea in concept but the reality is the next project is fully underway before the last one ends. I can’t imagine making it a priority to reflect on what we just did when there are deadlines and people relying on my part as a cog in the wheel of progress. This actually goes against everything I believe because I do think that planning and reflection should play at larger role in every project. If I take time to blog, surely I can take time for a more formal evaluation of the process etc. The truth is, like most of us, I do so much unpaid work that I am not inclined to invest my personal time in evaluating a system that is flawed. If I bitch about it as I go along, I am more inclined to actually document it. These rantings may form the basis for a formal evaluation but in the meantime, it makes me feel better.